This is a request that an existing PJM Curriculum course be offered at a certain time or in a certain geographical location. "Wish list" requests will help guide the development of the annual member training plan.

PJM State and Member Training delivers a high number of curriculum sessions every year. These sessions are open to the public and are delivered at no cost to PJM Members and representatives of government agencies (non-members are charged a nominal fee)

While the majority of these sessions are delivered at the PJM Conference and Training center, a portion of our curriculum continues to be delivered at various locations around the PJM footprint.

Wish list requests assist PJM State and Member Training in developing the training calendar, by informing decisions around frequesncy, timing and locations of training events. If you would like to see a particular curriculum course offered at a certain time or location, please provide information about your request below. When possible, PJM Training will consider your request in the scheduling of future curriculum sessions. We regret that not all training requests can be accommodated.

There is no additional fee associated with a Wish List request and there is no implied obligation on the part of the requester to attend any sessions that may be scheduled as a result.

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